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CS 1.6 Download

Rules for adding a server

  • Upload any DLL/EXE and similar malicious files
  • Use auto-connect plugins
  • Modify GameMenu, VGUI or practice any other forms of slowhacking
  • Bind any default keys (W, A, S, D, SPACE, SHIFT, TAB), or to bind any forbidden cmds including CONNECT and SAY
  • Boost fake servers
  • Use any form of redirect
  • Send any CMDs via SVC_DIRECTOR
  • Change client rates (cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate etc)
  • Use plugins that destroy player's game, like Pika, GameDestroyer, etc

What you will need to do

Add a link of one of our CS download sites in to your website. It can be added to your sidebar or a footer, choice is yours. Your website has to meet these criterias:

  • Has some traffic
  • Domain is at least one years old

Contact us by Email: [email protected]

CS 1.6 server example of backlink